Mantra Monday

Mantra – Statement or slogan repeated frequently

Just a few thoughts…

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All images from Pinterest

We had a busy weekend with a birthday party, new mattress buying, and a beach day with Granny.  Unfortunately, my car decided to be sick and went into the shop today.  It’s going to be okay…several hundred dollars later.  😦  The good news is I could borrow the Mr.’s truck and still get in a playdate with H’s friend (aka mommy talk time), AND I do have the money to pay for the fix.  Yay (mostly)!

Here are a few randoms from the last few days.  Happy Monday!


Beets and Brussels – reminding me of Christmas colors!

IMG_2773 IMG_2770

On a salty snack kick – BIG TIME!


Turkey meatballs with homemade sauce thanks to all the tomatoes we’ve been gifted  🙂


Is it weird that I wish I could climb the equipment at the park?


Flashback to Fall 2009!  What babes we were!  Roscoe P. has a little less white hair but remains just as handsome and sweet.

Do you have any favorite slogans?

What are you up to in these “dog days” of summer?

One thought on “Mantra Monday

  1. Marianne Williamson is awesome. I read some of her writing years ago. Very helpful, clear and concise points that any one could find some light for living. Thanks for sharing. Happy hump day! Love MOMMY

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