Scarecrows in September

Happy Sunday morning!  Gosh, aren’t weekends the best?!?!  I especially love weekends at home in September as my work week is super busy this time of year.  We had an especially fun Friday and Saturday as my mom/H’s Moochie paid us a visit.  My dad even joined in and made the trip over on Saturday.  Although there was plenty of wind and rain, we managed to check off lots of “to-dos” and have some fun too.  We started off Saturday with the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters event – Make-a-Scarecrow.  This is a great event that we’ve participated in for the past three years.  There is a $25 fee, but all the proceeds go to CHKD.  Typically, it’s outside, but it was moved inside due to the weather.

IMG_2829 IMG_2848

Here is a picture of H last year among the pumpkins…


Time is passing so quickly!  I can’t believe it!

After Larry {our construction work scarecrow} was assembled, we did a quick trip to Burlington Coat Factory before ditching the guys for some serious shopping.  I think they made out just fine with lunch, arcade games, and an aviation museum.

IMG_2845 IMG_2846

My mom and I did a little wedding dress shopping…


Mommy is NOT an accomplished photographer, but we laughed A LOT while she tried to take a few.  I’m holding the dress since it’s a size too big.  I plan to order it online form Nordstroms.  I think it may end up being one of the most comfortable dresses I own!

Mommy’s first selfie {and her idea}!


We did more shopping at a few mall stores followed by Target and Old Navy.  H was the primary reason for our shopping, but I did pick up a baby shower gift and a couple small Christmas gifts.  We took a break and had a delicious lunch at Grilled Cheese Bistro.  We both had a the Gouda, caramelized onion, olive tapenade, and sautéed mushroom grilled cheese.  I had tomatoes added to mine, and Mommy had roasted red peppers.  Way delicious comfort food!

I hope you are having a great weekend so far!  All this wet, windy weather does make it seem more fall-like.  Here are a few “fally” pictures from earlier in the week when H and I were playing in the backyard.

IMG_2821 IMG_2822 IMG_2823

Happy Sunday!


September Randoms + Paper Planner Talk

Hi there!  Another week since I’ve said hello here!  The work week is serious stuff!  I’m so glad it’s hump day as we have lots of fun weekend plans that we’re looking forward to.  Last weekend consisted of yoga class, bike rides, church and plus a lovely pick-up response from Holden which included thrashing about in mulch {apparently, he REALLY likes his buds at his new preschool and doesn’t want to go home with Mommy}.  We’ve made some improvements in that area, and I actually got a hug yesterday!  I did cheat slightly and pick him up during snack versus the outside recess time.  Here are a few randoms from my phone…


How did he get so big?!?!

IMG_2814 IMG_2815

Random weekday breakfasts for H and I – The top picture is a mixture of plain yogurt, grapes, and Kashi’s Heart to Heart cereal.


My Constitution Day twin!  We didn’t plan to show up in our matching Target tops.  🙂


Online dress shopping for my sister’s wedding – Everything looks good on those models!

September is the time I get all our holiday plans straight pretty much through the New Year.  I confess to having commitment phobia when it comes to my choice of planner.  In recent years, I’ve tried the Lilly Pulitzer planner


the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley


the MomAgenda Day Planner


and I’ve even been using the cheap plastic one given to me by my school in recent weeks!  With the Lilly, I felt like I was being a fake-preppy as I’m not super preppy at all!  I did love the amply room to write in stuff on each day plus the monthly overview.  I like the Simplified Planner, but honestly, I don’t need each day broken down by hour with room to write.  It is also pricey.  The MomAgenda just was okay.  I’ve actually been making out okay with the cheap plastic one from work by color-coding work and home events.  However, it’s starting to look visually messy as things fill in and our days/weekends fill up.  I’ve never tried the Erin Condren LifePlanner.  They are beautiful but quite expensive.


What is your favorite type/brand of planner?  I just like a paper product for list-making etc!  I think I’m going with the Lilly Pulitzer this year unless I find something better when I stop in Barnes and Nobles this weekend.  I guess I’ll be faking the preppy look with my planner!  Have a great day!


Checking in…

Well, it has only been almost three weeks since I’ve showed up on here!  I’ve been focusing on “showing up” and attempting to get the school year started for all of us.  Whew!  It is definitely a slightly painful period each year!  I *almost* feel like a routine is coming together both at school and home.  It sure is a lot of work required to get to this point.  I always say things will get better…by Halloween!  🙂

I hope your September has been a little less busy than mine.  We have managed to have some fun too!  I’ve continued my weekly yoga class {pretty sure this is only because I’m paying per visit and I started with 10!}.  We visited family over the Labor Day weekend.  Crabbing, eating, and celebrating were the main goals that weekend, and I would say we achieved them.  My little brother also had a birthday as well as my mom.  We were so glad to get to celebrate a bit, but I’m very much looking forward to celebrating with my mom at the end of the month.

Although I enjoy meeting the new kids, it is hard to remember from June to September how much effort is required to get that structure and routine in place that will guide us through the school year.  My school division adopted a new reading series this year.  There is definitely a learning curve as we are also using a new student record online program as well.  Good grief!  I already forgot the password to one program and got myself {temporarily} locked out!

Here’s a few back-to-school funnies for you!

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Ha!  All images from Pinterest.