Checking in…

Well, it has only been almost three weeks since I’ve showed up on here!  I’ve been focusing on “showing up” and attempting to get the school year started for all of us.  Whew!  It is definitely a slightly painful period each year!  I *almost* feel like a routine is coming together both at school and home.  It sure is a lot of work required to get to this point.  I always say things will get better…by Halloween!  🙂

I hope your September has been a little less busy than mine.  We have managed to have some fun too!  I’ve continued my weekly yoga class {pretty sure this is only because I’m paying per visit and I started with 10!}.  We visited family over the Labor Day weekend.  Crabbing, eating, and celebrating were the main goals that weekend, and I would say we achieved them.  My little brother also had a birthday as well as my mom.  We were so glad to get to celebrate a bit, but I’m very much looking forward to celebrating with my mom at the end of the month.

Although I enjoy meeting the new kids, it is hard to remember from June to September how much effort is required to get that structure and routine in place that will guide us through the school year.  My school division adopted a new reading series this year.  There is definitely a learning curve as we are also using a new student record online program as well.  Good grief!  I already forgot the password to one program and got myself {temporarily} locked out!

Here’s a few back-to-school funnies for you!

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Ha!  All images from Pinterest.


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