Gloomy Saturday

Well, Hurrican Joaquin bypassed us.  The storm/low pressure/nor’easter – I have no clue what it actually is called dumped a whole lot of rain on us.  Unfortunately, I had bus duty this week which entails staring outside for about 25 minutes-ish in the morning followed by about 15-20ish minutes in the afternoon.  What an unpleasant week for it!  I also had a yucky cold/allergy situation going on this week which made for a somewhat painful Monday – Friday.  This is how H felt about the week…


Although the storm passed by us, lots of events were cancelled including a local children’s festival that we were planning on attending.  Instead, we went and visited a doggie in a SPCA about an hour and a half from our house.  I had been seeing this dog’s picture in the local paper and on Facebook since last Christmas!  After talking it over with the Mr., we decided that we could totally enjoy adding another dog to our family especially this small one, a Chihuahua mix.  He is quite a cutie!  To make a long story short, we filled out applications, talked with the SPCA manager, and even took pictures of our yard.  We set off this morning to see him and planned to take him home.  We were so excited on the way over making our plans…  When we got there it became quite clear that they were not letting this dog go home with anyone with small children {apparently 15lb Chihuahuas who act slightly nervous when meeting new people at the SPCA that they have been at for OVER A YEAR, don’t respond well to visitor when they are leashed and held only by the SPCA manager…gee, what a shocker!}.   P.S.  We already own a nervous dog that is not the biggest fan of small children.  We felt very misled and disappointed by the whole event.  So…that’s why it was a gloomy Saturday {that plus the cloudy skies overhead!}.  After lots of looking since we got home, I concluded maybe we should just give up as the only dogs that are listed on a pet finder website that are good with children are ones that are PIT BULL MIXES…does anyone else see the irony?!?!?

I’m sure it’s hard to have two dogs.  This is especially true when your first dog is utter perfection…

Pictured below is our nervous barker, bad-with-other-dogs, neurotic, gun/belt/anything long phobic, dining room scratcher angel!  To expect perfection from any dog or any human is silly.  Patience and love can fix many issues.  As a side note, Roscoe definitely almost bit my mom’s face when we had him for about a month.  Now, they’re good buddies.  🙂


That is not toilet paper in the background.  It is a fake spider web.  FYI.

On a lighter note, we did make some fun fall/Halloween decorations using some simple craft supplies that I had at home.  We hole-punched, added some yarn, and hung them from our dining room chandelier.

IMG_2853 IMG_2852 IMG_2851

H actually liked this crafty project.  He’s usually no fan of coloring/paint/stuff.

I hope you’re having a good Saturday!  May it be disappointment free and include a dog of your very own to cuddle up with!


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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