Stormy Seas

I survived Monday…I would say barely, but the truth is that I’m alive and well home with my favorites.  Do you every just have days that are yuck for no super bad reason?  I think it was the chillier temps (that totally didn’t work with my chosen outfit), not enough food in my lunchbox {why did just lettuce and a burger seem substantial…there was an orange but still!}, and just a case of the Mondays.  My poor husband came home to a sad dinner  and a whiney wife.  😦  I did make the smart decision to whine all at once when he arrived at home.  I think that was better than sulking and being stand-offish.  Don’t I sound fun!??!  I did attempt to make dessert.  What can I say?  I like to bake when upset/out-of-sorts.  Sadly, this resulted in way too many crummy cookies for me AND a bad batch of cookies!  They crumbled all to pieces once they came off the cooling rack.  It’s more like eating “chocolate chip chips” than chocolate chip cookies.  The Mr. is blaming it on my TJ’s organic brown sugar, but I’m blaming it on Monday.


Let’s rewind.  Sunday was such a nice day at home (perhaps there is the sharp contrast to today?}.  Church, gym, and a nap/rest time {small ones for the Mr. and I} were perfect!  We also visited the oceanfront to see the big waves!

IMG_2869 IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2872

The water was also up in the ditch behind our house which is tidal due to the creek that it connects to…

IMG_2866 IMG_2867

It never made it past our fence though.  I’m so thankful that the hurricane bypassed us.  Feeling the wind whipping off the ocean down at the oceanfront just amazed me!  It felt so strong, and it was really nothing compared to what we could have been experiencing.

I did leave out one very important aspect of the Mr. and H’s Sunday…Legos!  They played probably about 4-5 hours total.  Lots of “Daddy, fix it!” as H would play with one Lego toy and snap off a piece.  I loved seeing them enjoying each other and the 563,478 pieces of little brightly colored plastic!  🙂  All of the Legos below were my husband’s.  They were washed and dried after being in storage.  It was quite a labor of love on the Mr.’s part.


Overall, I’m glad to put October 5 behind me, and I’m looking forward to a fresh start for October 6.  🙂  Here’s to Tuesday winning over Monday!


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