Baby Gear – Top 5

Well, I am no baby expert by any means.  I do have a few favorite actual items and a certain way I like to organize our day to help make things go more smoothly and make us all happy(ier) campers!


Halo Sleep Sacks – Love these!  I have no time or inclination to become a blanket swaddling expert.  Those receiving blankets look great, and I definitely use them for tummy time or for a light cover when we are in the stroller.  BUT…I don’t swaddle with them.


They are great!  We used them for big H.  We even bought the ones without the swaddle portion, so it’s basically a wearable blanket.  I believe the rule is no blankets in bed until past 1 year.  Am I making that up?  I probably knew the exact time when I was researching as a first time mom.  You just put the baby in, zip up, and then fold across the sides.  The top layer has velcro, so you can make the swaddle nice and tight to comfort a fussy baby (or just a baby that likes to be swaddled!).  They are pricey $25 and up.  However, you might find some older styles for cheaper prices at Babies R Us.  I used gift cards to purchase mine.  We also have another swaddle thing-ma-do that the baby wears, but we definitely have no blankets we use for swaddling!  Here’s Halo’s website.  


Angelcare Baby Monitors – We are reusing our monitor we had for big H with little H.  There are ones with sound and image monitoring.  Ours is a sound one only.  The thing that makes Angelcare special is the fact that there is an under mattress sensor that detects vibrations such as those made by baby’s breathing.  Our monitor also shows the temperature in the room.




Little H was having a “moment.” You can tell how the bar shows how loud the baby is being.  As if the wails didn’t tell you!  

It gives us so much peace of mind knowing that everything is OK in there.  I find this especially reassuring as we put both big and little H in their own nurseries by the two week mark.  We really like reclaiming our bedroom as ours and giving each baby his/her own quiet space to sleep in.  HOWEVER, it is much easier to do this when you can monitor the baby closely and know that everything is A-OK.


Vibrating Cradle – This cradle was an attachment from our last Pack & Play which had to be trashed due to some mold/mildew on the little mattress.  We tossed it but kept the cradle.  Our little girl has a (typically) very fussy time around 6:30/7:00-8:00 every night.  We try to let her self-soothe in her room, but she’s not quite there yet.  She’s working very hard on being a thumb sucker like her brother!  When it seems like she just isn’t going to be able to calm down and rest on her own, we put her in the cradle.  IMG_3253.jpg

She loves this thing!  We never used it nearly this much with big H.


Babyganics Care Products – I had a student gift me with some yummy bath products for Helen, and I love them!  There is a whole section on the website talking about how the company works hard to make each product very safe for babies.  At our house, the Mr. is usually in charge of bath time, and I admit that sometimes I’m jealous.  I do like a break in the evening, but bath time looks fun as little H usually just lays back quietly and chills.  My favorite product from this line is the lotion – chamomile verbena.




BOB stroller with infant car seat adapter – We’ve finally started taking some short walks together (me, the baby, and Roscoe).  I got our BOB stroller when big H was already big enough to ride in it normally.  We had no need for the infant car seat adapter.  Well…I decided we had to have one for easier strolling with little H.  The BOB is so much smoother than those typical big stroller like the Graco one we have.  They are good for mall cruising, but we don’t do a lot of that.


Not my pic!  Just want to show how it looks!

P.S.  We paid $60 for that bar.  I’m OK with it though, because I’ve already used it several times.  I anticipate using it a lot more over the summer until the little girl is ready to ride in the bottom.  The car seat just snaps in rear facing using the hook on the underside of the seat and that bar.  Then, you’re off!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some things that are making our days a little smoother these days!  You can’t really be prepared for everything (i.e. the phone call that I received earlier that Holden was sick at preschool 😦 ) but preparation and the right stuff helps!.

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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