Another Mommy Monday…

Good morning!  I can hardly believe that it’s still raining!  We have had so much rain in the past 2-3 weeks!  I confess that it definitely affects my mood after this many dreary days spent inside.  Helen and I have braved the rain a couple of days when we had to.  I even tried to take a walk with her one day, and it started to rain on our walk!  So not cool.  Holden’s soccer game was cancelled this weekend due to the rain, and our strawberry picking plans had to be postponed {perhaps indefinitely} too.  Instead, we spent Saturday chatting it up with our visitors.  Moochie, Poppy, and DD came to visit us.  We did nothing but talk and enjoy a lunch out at Whiskey Kitchen.  I had a beet burger with green beans there, and I loved it!  I really like burgers especially ones that substitute meat for something else likes beans.  Sunday was church, gym, dog bath, and movie night.  Holden and the Mr. watched Tangled (new take on Rapunzel).  I never see the whole movie from these Sunday night movie nights since I’m usually fixing dinner or (now) tending to Helen.  However, Holden was so into/touched by the movie that he almost cried when one of the main characters died.  Don’t worry – a magical tear brought him back to life!  Well-played Disney.  On to Monday…

We actually have to brave the rain and struggle out to the grocery store and the library today.  I always get overzealous when I put books on hold at the library.  I recently checked out 7 books!  Although I am home on maternity leave, there is no way I can read all those books before they are due!  I decided to skim Secrets of a Baby Whisperer instead of reading it word for word.  Little Miss Helen is a bit fussy during her naps and especially in the evening right before bed, so I was looking for some insights that might help us.  P.S.  The conclusion is that she might be overly tired, dislike naps, or just dislike the numbers on the clock in the early evening!  AKA I’m not 100% sure what her deal is half the time!  Basically, we/I are going to keep on keeping on with our current plan and hoping that we have it all sorted out by 3 months!  Seriously, a lot of stuff you read says that babies seem to just settle in at around 3 months.  We are about halfway there.  🙂

Two other books I tried were…


I recommend the first book {warning:  there is a chapter on homosexuality and how it affects boy children…just FYI if you read}.  The book looked at school and just growing up from a boy’s/male’s perspective.  There is also a chapter on discipline and bullying.

The second book was terrible!  Even though the first couple chapters were very funny and spot-on true, the main character’s bad attitude about maternity leave and her newborn baby boy just made me a have a bad attitude about my life!  Nobody needs that!  It’s crazy how much we/I can be affected by what we read, watch on TV, or listen to on the radio.  Got to be careful!

Maternity leave can be really daunting.  You’re at home {most days} with just your thoughts, maybe a pet, and a little baby that has needs but also isn’t able to communicate those needs.  It can be monotonous and frustrating.  If you’re like me, it’s hard to slow down during this time.  I know it’s best for my baby to have a routine, to rest in her own crib, and slowly explore her home, her environment.  It’s hard to “play” with a newborn.  Talk is so important, and believe me, Helen gets chatted up.  HOWEVER, there are times when we have to go out and do other things.  Any time that mom feels like she might be going a little stir-crazy is a good time!

An easy little activity that I did with Holden was to let him smell different scents.  Helen and I did this last week.  I carefully let her sniff nutmeg, cinnamon, a very ripe banana, and a lime!  Be careful not to put baby’s face to close to the items if you try it.


She even put her mouth on the lime!  Not too much a fan though…

We also have been taking some short walks in the Baby Bjorn, so she can see her surroundings better.  In between rainfalls, we’ve walked around the yard and looked at flowers.  She also stuck her toes in some tall grass.  Very funny facial expressions from that experience!

Well, that’s it for me!  I hope you have a great Monday.  Looks like we may see sunshine later this week.  I’m very hopeful for good weather since I get to go on H’s class field trip to the strawberry patch on Wednesday.  Fingers crossed!




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