What motivates you?

Thank goodness the sun is out today!  I was all excited yesterday when I “thought” the weather report was calling for some sunshine.  Well, I was mistaken.  We did have just a peek of sun around lunch time.

Little H, Roscoe, and I even got a walk in today!  I used the Baby Bjorn to carry her, but I’m really excited to try out the Ergo with the infant insert.  We didn’t have the Ergo until Holden was much older, and I’m having a hard time figuring out just how to use it in the front body mode.  I’m thinking it needs to be a two man/parent job the first few times, so I’m stuck waiting for some time when the Mr. is home.

Speaking of the Mr., he’s currently off the OBX coast somewhere fishing.  I’m not super jealous at all.  I am not a fisher-woman.  I wouldn’t mind sitting on a beach with a new book right now, but Little H is playing nice with me today.  We’re having a decent amount of fun.  🙂  Since the Mr. is gone, we had to all load up and do preschool drop-off this morning.  That happened a little later than usual due to Miss Helen’s nap time.  I knew today would be a little hectic with the Mr. not reporting back for dad duty until 8-ish the evening (he left at like 2AM – somehow we were not up at the same time!).  I made a plan and a priority to get some exercise in before taking H to preschool.  I decided LAST NIGHT what I was going to do.  4 miles on the treadmill and some light stretching – I think it’s so important to make a plan!  Then again, I’m a big time planner.  It doesn’t just stop with work-outs.  I was asking Holden to help me plan out our summer fun stuff over breakfast.  His request was the zoo and Colonial Williamsburg.

After breakfast, I plugged in the treadmill and got started.  Did I really want to?  Yes and no.  I really wanted to write in my journal, put on grown-up clothes, start laundry, hang out with H, clean up the breakfast dishes (which I finally just did!)…you get the idea.  There are so many things as moms that we have to do/want to do.  It’s so hard to make your personal health (physical and mental) a priority.  I find this to be especially true when I let the dreaded G word enter the picture…guilt.  Guilt that I should be doing this, more like this…etc.  It’s so hard not to let our “to dos” overtake us.  I am plenty guilty of this.  Doing one thing at a time and writing a list of the top 5 things that need to get done that day are helpful, but what really needs to be done is letting go with the mind.  Being open to what God has for us in each day.  I know that I will be ready to take on the day (and His plans for it) better if I move in some physical way over the course of the day.


7:51 pace (4 miles)


Holden practicing his cutting while I’m running – Roscoe trying to join in


I just can’t give up ridiculous rap music when running.  I’ve tried.  #fail

I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine today (and maybe even a run/exercise of some type)!


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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