5 for Friday

Hi there!  I’m so excited that it’s Friday!  Now, I’m on maternity leave right now, so it’s not exactly like I’m super excited to be off from work.  I am excited that the Mr. will be home for three whole days!  That means I will get to talk to someone who actually responds over the course of the day!  🙂  Here are five things on my mind this Friday…


Sleep Training – Gosh, it just makes me tired thinking about it!  We (not really…it’s mostly me) have been a little all over the place with how we are putting Helen down at bedtime.  I’ve read so many blog posts, online articles, actual books, and even a DVD about sleep and babies.  A lot is similar.  However, there are enough subtle differences that can really affect how you approach sleep and your baby…I specifically found lots of differences with how you approach that stressful time of the day from 5:30-9.  Helen is the fussiest from about 7:00-8:30.  In my efforts to help her out, I think I’ve actually hurt the situation by bouncing from one idea to the other.  Last night, we talked about our game plan and committed to following it.  It’s so nice to have a parenting parter aka the Mr. how is on the same page…most the time!  Just FYI – we are following the routine laid out in Babywise.  No negative comments!  It worked absolutely wonderfully for our #1 bambino.


I honestly miss caffeinated coffee.  This is my new French press…  I’m not sure I like it better than a traditional coffee pot, but I do feel less wasteful.  I’m the only AM coffee drinker at our house.  I always feel like I make too much.


I’ve been on this decaf stuff since last fall.  When I first found out I was pregnant, I was even drinking only decaf tea.  I can’t wait for next spring!  There are so many things mamas give up and/or change when they are pregnant or nursing.  I plan to drink coffee with abandon, rub toxic chemicals aka those found in anti-aging creams and other assorted toiletries/cosmetics all over me, and possibly have more than .5 of a drink next spring.  I will not be the mom nursing her child into preschool!  No thank you.  Truthfully, I don’t enjoy breastfeeding!  There!  I said it!  I do it, because I want the best for my child.  I can’t wait to have nothing latched on to me, but I’m thankful I’m able to do it now when she needs it.


We are hoping to go to the beach tomorrow!  I’m very excited about this!  🙂  I got this new sunscreen spray to try out from Wal-Mart.  I know sprays aren’t the best, but it’s quite challenging to put sunscreen on your own back.


This is the sunscreen I typically use on me and H…


It has a great smell, but it does require some thorough rubbing to make sure it soaks in.

This will be one of Helen’s first big outings.  Girlfriend got a new outfit for the beach occasions in her future.


Link here.

She also has some sunglasses and a hat from here.  I also got Holden one of these SPF suits when he was little.  Technically, you are not supposed to use sunscreen on little ones.  These suits are perfect.  I also used Holden’s when we would go on walks.


Fun Food – We are supposed to go to a Norfolk Tides baseball game with Poppy (Moochie is watching the little girl.) on Sunday.  I’m hoping the rain stays away for this!  Afterwards, we are planning to grill up some hot dogs and other sides.  I’m going to make this dessert, Red, White and Blue Trifle, from Mix and Match Mama.


Summer Plans – Holden has two more weeks of preschool.  Then, he’ll be home with Little H and I until after the 4th of July.  He’ll be attending summer camp at his preschool three days a week for half days in July and August.  We thought this would give me a little time with just Helen and also give Holden some fun activities to look forward to each week.  Since we’ll all be together each and every day for a few weeks in June, I’m trying to brainstorm ideas for what we’ll do.  We won’t be jaunting off each day, but I would like to plan a couple things each week to do…like the park, library, does the grocery store count as fun with two kids???  I’m hoping to share that list on Monday.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend!




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