Soccer and Two for Church

Hi there!  I hope you had a nice first weekend of June.  The weather was supposed to be stormy for us, but we really lucked out with no rain.  It was extremely humid though.  I’ll take it!  No rain meant that Holden got to have his last practice and game of his very first sports season.  He played soccer this spring, and his team was the Gray Sharks.


Although I didn’t get to attend all his games {due to Miss Helen’s arrival}, I did get to a few.  It is such a joy to watch little kids run around!  It’s also amazing to see how big of an improvement each kid has made since soccer started.

Although I’m not one for “everyone gets a trophy!,” there was a parent who bought trophy for the team prior to doing a little parent polling.  I have to say Holden was beyond thrilled to have a trophy!  He was the most excited kid!  It may have been the combination of trophy and chocolate cupcake.  🙂  IMG_3375.jpg

We went over to a nearby park to let Holden play after the game and enjoy the fact that it actually wasn’t raining on a Saturday!  After having lunch at home, I went out to do some errands during nap time.  It’s amazing how much you can get done when you know you have to be home at a certain time to either breastfeed or pump.

Speaking of pumping, little Helen is getting better taking a bottle from her dad.  Yay!

On Sunday, I took both kids to church for the first time.  I have no idea how this happened, but we actually were five minute early {I’m never early!}.  IMG_3380.jpgIMG_3384.jpg

I was *hoping* Helen would sleep through most the service since it was during her nap time.  No such luck!  She woke up about ten minutes into it.  I was able to hold her and make her mostly happy during the rest of it.  I did get the gist of the sermon which was pretty good.  Holden tuned us all out while he chowed down on his snack and read his books.  He was absolutely excellent all day!  While I was getting ready for church {i.e. mopping spit-up off myself}, he read a simple picture book to Helen and talked with her on her playmat.  P.S.  Helen’s dress is one of mine/my sister’s.  It ended up around her neck most of the time at church since she was so wiggly.

I took the picture below at church in front of the Field of Flags.  Our church places a flag for each U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003.  This year that total was 6,882.


We didn’t get to help put them up last Sunday due to Holden’s stomach bug.  It is such a moving sight to see when you go by the church.

After church, we hit up another park!  I thought it would be rainy all afternoon, so I let Holden play at the park while I fed Helen.  It was so nice and shady that it made me wish we had packed a picnic.  Here’s the neat bridge you walk across to get to kid play area…


The rest of Sunday consisted of lunch, recycling can building, phone conversations for me, and a walk for Roscoe and me.

Pictured below is Holden’s house that he decided to create.  The idea all started with his plastic marker container.  Then, he got inspired to dig through the recycling.  I helped him with the cutting/stapling/taping.


It is so cool to see how his brain works!  The paper towel roll is his “plumbing.”

Well, that was our weekend!  This week will surely go by just as fast as last week.  It’s Holden’s last week of preschool, so we’ve got some fun plans for his last day.  I’m also planning to take Helen to visit my school.  It’s hard to believe I haven’t seen the place since April!  It’s also hard to believe that she is turning 2 months old this week!  The first month seemed to go by slowly, but I think the last month went by pretty quickly.

Hope you have a great Monday!


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