School’s Out…Summer’s On!

Well, school’s out for the kid pictured below!  He’s on to Pre-K in Fall 2016.  I can hardly believe it.  It seems like yesterday he was the one who had a diaper booty…now we have Miss Helen!  We picked him up on Friday with balloons and new books.  Then, it was off to pick up Daddy to join us on a trip to the local frozen yogurt spot.  I got the nastiest colored blue fro-yo called “Cookie Monster.”  It was disgustingly delicious!


On Saturday, we loaded up the car early for a beach trip.  The Mr. was parked out by the water watching Holden in the picture below.


How sweet is this one of Daddy and Helen!?!?  She was super, super good at the beach.  I nursed her as soon as we got there {8:45!} and let her have some tummy time in our beach tent.  She went right to sleep not long after this.  The weather was wonderful with a nice breeze keeping the temps on the comfortable side.


Holden got planted in the sand…  He was so excited about this but quickly changed his tune when he was in the hole.


The rest of Saturday was spent running errands and an extra long gym visit for me.  The Mr. stayed home with the H’s and Granny!  She arrived just about lunch time on Saturday.  Holden was beyond thrilled!

Sunday morning…we were at the beach again!  This time it was for the sand soccer tournament.  Since Holden played soccer this spring, we thought he might enjoy seeing “big boys” aka 8 year olds play.  He was pretty into it and only slightly concerned about how hot it was standing there.  You can tell Helen was totally into it.  P.S.  She’s in an unexciting outfit, because she was ripped from her crib at 8AM to go.  Problems of a second child!



Holden and Granny enjoyed a snow cone.  It was definitely needed since the heat was crazy!  We only stayed until about 10:30 due to the heat.


Granny graciously babysat the kiddos while the Mr. and I went to the Adventure Park at the Virginia Aquarium.  We had such a good time up in the trees!  If you haven’t been before, it is a climbing/zip lining/obstacle course park all up in the trees.  It was truly a workout but a fun one!

Yesterday, Daddy was off to work, and the rest of us took a walk to the neighborhood park and a ride out to the library.  Holden and Granny put together his easel that has been sitting there forever!  I totally thought it needed a drill/tools, so I was ignoring it in hopes the Mr. would take on the project.  No tools needed!  They had this together in no time!  Holden painted a picture for Granny to take home with her.  He really enjoys his time with her!  🙂


We always enjoy when Granny comes to visit!  I think Holden found me a poor substitute today.  I didn’t take it personally.  🙂

Can you believe tomorrow is already Wednesday?!?!  These days are flying by.  We are planning to check one thing off our summer bucket list with a visit to the aquarium this week.  We also have Little H’s 2 month well-check.  Crazy!

Hope you have a happy week!


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