5 for Friday

Hi there!  It’s officially Friday, and I’m up extra early due to Miss Helen’s 4:30 feeding request.  She has actually slept through the night {9:00-5:00/5:30} a few times since Memorial Day weekend.  However, she’s still little.  When she wakes up that close to her official wake up time {5:30 – this will be the time she has to get up when I go back to work in late August}, I feed her just a bit and put her back to bed.  That leaves me up though!  I decided to get a few moments to myself.


Home with Two – Today will be day 3 of being home with two kids.  Wow.  I knew it would change the routine that Helen and I had gotten into.  I also knew it would challenge my patience and force me to rearrange my expectations.  Well, it has been everything I imagined and more!  Whew!  I feel like I’m doing the hardest work ever right now!  It is very sweet to be with both of them.  Holden is such a good boy and big helper.  He was my dusting partner when we were cleaning yesterday.  He always tries to play with his sister when I ask him to…like when she’s crying during tummy time!  Does any baby really like that time?  Plus, I am amazed at how blessed I am to have these two beings with me.  They are such gifts.


School in the Summer – Yesterday I began a few activities that I want to keep up with off and on with Holden this summer.  We are focusing on reviewing letter and letter sounds.  I have a set of flashcards that we use with capital/lowercase letters and key pictures.  Holden’s very good at identifying these letters and sounds, but we are also working on getting him to apply his knowledge.  There are so many great resources on Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers {just check “free” and search for worksheets/activities}.  I’m trying to keep it light and quick.  I think early morning will be best.  Holden is the most alert and agreeable {ha!} then.


He was done at this point in the picture above.  He was playing an elaborate game of “good markers, bad markers.”  The universal boy game.


Breakfast Idea – I’m kind of over some of my breakfast choices these days.  I usually love oatmeal, but I need a break.  I’m not a big cereal or smoothie fan in the morning.  Eggs are okay.  I really prefer a sweet taste in the morning…but I want something healthy too!  I had the 2 ingredient banana pancake recipe one day this week, and I plan to enjoy it again this morning.  I followed the recipe except for the part about making the pancakes small.  This apparently was a key point as my pancakes looked a HOT MESS and NOTHING like the ones in the photo.


Fitness and Family – Well, I’ve given up on a fitness goal that I wanted to take on this summer.  I planned to sign up for my second Rock and Roll Half-Marathon.  I had been doing two weekly shorter runs on my treadmill during the week, and I got up to 6 miles on my long run.  However, it is SO hard to find time to exercise.  I’m talking about a 4 mile run or a quick strength routine!  In order to prepare for a half-marathon, I would have to be doing one long run a week.  This would have to be on Saturday or Sunday, so the Mr. could stay home with the kids.  As my mileage got higher, I could be gone for as long as 2.5 hours in the morning.  I confess to wanting that time on the weekend with my family more.  As my mother says, there is a season for everything.  I think as women we are truly convinced that we can do everything.  That is such a lie that sets us up for failure and disappointment.  I can do lots of things…just not all at once.  It looks like my fitness focus {for now} will be on getting it in when I can and enjoying moving my body.

P.S. This is my little shadow during my home workouts…which typically happen M-F.  It seems like I’ll only be a gym-goer on the weekends.


Breakfast and Books!


Father’s Day Weekend – Happiest of Father’s Days to my daddy and to the Mr.!  Dads are so important to their wives and to their kids!  Thankful for these two!


Check out this cute video – Dad Song.

Happy weekend!



2 thoughts on “5 for Friday

  1. I love the phonics cards you found on TPT! They have such great stuff (former first grade teacher here). Also, I feel you about the running. I’d love to run a half marathon, but can’t train since I have two littles. It sound like if you tried doing it now, you wouldn’t enjoy yourself anyway…

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