Father’s Day Weekend

Hi there!  I hope you’re doing well on this first official day of summer and what I think is the longest day of the year.

We had a great weekend that started off with a 2 month check-up for Helen.  She’s growing and gaining weight and now…vaccinated!  🙂  It’s so funny how she’s such a little peanut compared to Holden at the same age.  She’s 25th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference.  A very proportionate individual!  The Mr. joined us for lots of family fun in the waiting room and exam room.  We just hung out at home before and after that appointment.  Holden was super proud of his dinosaur puzzle that he did all by himself while I ran on the treadmill.


My sister arrived that afternoon, and we were so glad to see her!  She works way too much in my humble opinion and lives too far away {all in my humble opinion}!  We enjoyed some DIY pizzas, lots of talking, and baby-free time that included a few shopping stops and some fro-yo.  Helen was in rare form that night and may have emotionally scarred my sister from every having kids of her own.  Since then, she’s been an absolute angel for us!


On Saturday, I got a gym workout in AND a walk!  Yay!  My mom and cousin arrived later in the day for a little birthday celebration.  The tourist scene is cray cray right now, but we braved all that and ate lunch at Waterman’s down at the Oceanfront.  My mom is so tech savvy these days and quick to whip out her smartphone!  She snapped this picture of me enjoying some sunshine and fresh ocean air…


We tried to get a fun dessert afterwards {fondue}, but we had to settle for gelato.

After my baby-free afternoon, I was exhausted!  I think it may have had something to do with the late bedtime the night before.  Sunday was church {both kids were angels!!!} and a pool party.  Plus, celebration time for the dad of the house!  We enjoyed bacon and cinnamon buns for breakfast, and I gave him a pass on dish duty after breakfast.  Since he’s into his WWII book these days, he definitely took me up on the offer.  By the way, the cinnamon buns were delicious!  I followed Justine’s recipe which you can see here.  Just love her blog!  One of the best things about the recipe is that it is semi-homemade.

Holden saw one of his best buddies from preschool as soon as we got there, so he pretty much ignored us except when he wanted food.  I’m thinking this is a lot like it will be when he’s 13???


Today was the first day of Holden’s swimming lessons.  I could tell at the pool party yesterday that he had regressed some from where he was at the end of summer.  Totally expected!  It did make me a little worried for how lessons would go today.  I shouldn’t have!  He was yanking his shirt and shoes off and eager to get in the pool!  He was a bit reluctant to swim too far from the side with the instructor, but he definitely warmed up by the end of the lesson.  I’m sure he’ll be a little fish at the end of these two weeks of lessons!IMG_3498.jpg

If you live in the Virginia Beach area, I highly recommend Lynnhaven Dive Center for lessons.

I hope you have the best week!  Ours is filled with swimming lessons and fun little morning outings.


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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