Our New Routine – Swim & Library

Happy Hump Day!  This week has been flying by!  I admit that I was kind of dreading the whole swimming lesson thing, but it has given a nice focus for our days.  Holden is doing awesome at lesson.  It’s so much fun to watch him!  We’ve also enjoyed two fun library events {free too!}.

So proud of this boy!


The pool is very warm as well as the greenhouse-style building.  Helen and I were MELTING inside today.  Tomorrow I think we’ll have to watch from inside the A/C.

The Teeny Tiny Farm visited the library branch closest to our swimming lesson spot.  We checked out rabbits, a pig, a llama, goats, a sheep, two horses, and a cow.IMG_3517.jpgIMG_3518.jpgIMG_3519.jpg

Today we visited the library AGAIN to meet The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The library also had a simple make-a-caterpillar craft set up, and Holden made two.  We got new books as well since we are reading so much every day.  IMG_3533.jpg


The book pictured above reminded me of my sister!  She hated to have her hair brushed as a kid.  This little girl finds out that mice like to make a home in her hair, but she’s okay with it for a little while…ewww.

We’ve been continuing our “school” time in the morning.  Holden absolutely loves it!  We are working on beginning sounds and number identification.  P.S. He does his best work in his undies.  🙂IMG_3501.jpg

In the afternoon {after naps}, we’ve been doing some crafting.  Very, very simplistic crafting…


Planning to finish up our flag today!

Miss Helen got in on the action with some baby-friendly painting…which was mostly Holden and me telling her the colors and showing her how to mush.


I’m actually enjoying having both Helen and Holden home with me a lot more this week.  Last week was the first week, and anything is hard the first time.  I do wish Helen would take more of a break in the afternoon i.e. NAP SILLY GIRL!  However, I think we’re doing pretty well with our party of 3 {plus Roscoe}.

How’s your week been?

The heat is crazy here!  I wish we could be outside more, but I feel like we are in a sauna by 10AM.



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