Weekend Whereabouts

Hi there!  We had such a busy weekend filled with lots of family and fun times!  The Mr.’s sister and her fiancee came into town late Friday evening.  The kiddos and I were already tucked in, but we were up early to visit!  I started off the day with an eight mile run in very, very humid conditions.  I had a terrible side pain in the first three miles that I had to tough out.  It’s funny, but I never have a great run when I think I’m going to.  They always sneak up on me.  The latter half of my run was much better.  Everyone else had breakfast while I was out.

We loaded up the cars (yes, we require two cars now due to two bambinos) to head to the beach.  I was a little apprehensive that it would be too hot for baby H, but it was perfect.  Sunny with a breeze!  We got there a little after 9 and stayed until about 11:30.


Holden loved having more people to splash with him (and climb all over in the waves!).

He also made a friend with a very nice boy with a football!


After our beach time, we headed home for showers and quick changes.  Then, we were off to Chick’s Oyster Bar for some seafood.  We got to see lots of boats coming and going and enjoy some good food.  I had the Flounder BLT grilled.

The rest of Saturday was spent lounging, cooking, eating, and watching a new Tom Hanks’ movie – Bridge of Spies.  Truthfully, I missed most the movie due to baby duty and a phone call to my sister.  #priorities  ha!

On Sunday, we said good bye to Auntie Brookie and Uncle Michael.  😦  Then, Miss Helen and I headed off to church while the boys stayed here for a little home improvement project.  We didn’t have too much time to relax though.  We did make time to roll Holden up in a yoga mat, smear a tad bit of peanut butter on his face, and try to get Roscoe the dog to lick it off!  Roscoe wouldn’t play our silly game much to our dismay.


Moochie and Poppy arrived mid-afternoon for the baseball game!  We went to see the Norfolk Tides play the Syracuse Chiefs last night.  Holden asked 789,451, 390 (approximately) questions during the game.  I tried my best to answer them since they were on topic at least!  That brain of his moves fast!


Poor Moochie drew the short straw (willingly!) and was the babysitter for baby H.  Unfortunately, baby H was not wanted to be babysat!  Girlfriend would not take a bottle, would not sleep, and would not CHILL for anything.  😦  I honestly didn’t have too much time to worry/think about what my mom might be facing due to Holden’s rapid fire questions!  Let’s just say I don’t think the Mr. and I will be having any nights/days away anytime soon.  I think that once fall comes aka a real routine things will smooth out.  Mommy’s got to work in 6.5 weeks!!!!

Today was Holden’s day at summer camp.  The baby H and I enjoyed a bottle (for her not me!) = Victory over the bottle wars!  I also took her for another shot 😦 and a walk with Roscoe the dog.  🙂  We picked up big brother in time for lunch and a little outside pirate action.


PS The grass is so tall in our backyard, because I broke the lawnmower on Friday.  Friday was a so not winning day…however, I did get the front yard cut.  We’re looking totally put together from the road.

We have dinner guests coming tonight – Uncle Michael (the other one) and Aunt DD!  We’ve also got plans to dress up as cows tomorrow – free Chik-fil-a – you know you wish you could too!  We also might make a trip to a local Lego play and build place on one hot morning.  There’s also rumors of an oil change for my car aka waiting in a room with kids while someone does it in a hopefully speedy manner.  Hope you have the best week!



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