Weekend = Run and Beach

Well, well!  August 1st, we meet at last.  It seems like the countdown to back-to-school is on everywhere you look.  There have been some kids starting school (!), and school supplies all over the stores.  I even saw the Christmas (yes, Christmas!) decor going up in A.C. Moore today.  The Halloween stuff is already 40% off!  I have just a little less than four weeks until I start my tenth year of teaching.  20 until retirement!  Ha!  I kid…sort of.

I can tell you that I’m going to be one sad turkey that Monday morning to be heading out the door well before 7AM.  I’m going to be sad not be enjoying lunch with my two out of my three favorites.  I also can tell you that I’m going to be very eager to get out of there ASAP in the afternoon (just say no, traffic!).  I will miss the leisurely pace of our mornings…nursing Miss Helen, coffee that gets to be enjoyed mostly leisurely, staying in PJs until 7 (we’re crazy around here, aren’t we?), the dual nap time (so thankful for 2-3:30ish this summer!), and just exploring around with these two kids.  However, let’s look at the bright side for a few minutes…

  1. I will talk with adults (and older children) multiple times a day.  As much as I love having one-sided conversations with Helen and dinosaur/pirate/Star Wars/etc. conversations with Holden, it will be nice to speak with an adult.
  2. I will look more presentable in general and probably wear non-workout clothes.  This could be a positive or negative depending on the day.
  3. I will be spit up on less.  Little Miss H spits up A LOT.  I am fairly certain that I vaguely (or strongly – depending on the moment) smell like her spit up all day.
  4. Roscoe the dog will get the rest he needs.  Poor dog has been tired since April.
  5. It is fulfilling to actually accomplish something in a day.  Like teach something?  Maybe do a lesson plan?  I don’t know….get real crazy and write some IEPs!?!?  Working at home aka mom life is challenging and rewarding in its way.  I do admit that sometimes I just want to do my TO DO LIST!!!!  I DO NOT want to baby talk, sword fight, read books, or pick up more mess!  There, I confess!  With that being said, I know that all that stuff is the most important stuff.  I know I’ll be DYING to do all that after about 3.5 days of work.  Right now, working quietly at a desk sounds somewhat appealing.
  6. The Mr. and I will get to clean together…do laundry together…make baby food together!  Oh goodness!  Lots of WORKING TOGETHER!  I am only halfway kidding….it’s so wonderful to have partner in all this stuff.  During the summer, I try to do as much as possible of the yucky, chore stuff, so we can focus on enjoying our summer days with more free time for fun stuff!  Just like what we did this weekend!

Our Weekend –

Holden and his Daddy enjoying the water


We somehow got sunscreen all over my phone.  Hence the blurry picture!  Please note that my child went to the beach in her plain white onesie…all the babies of social media are trotting off to the beach with cute one and two piece suits.  Nobody got time for that!  This was actually her bedtime outfit…straight from the crib to the carseat to the beach!


Baby toes in sand = PRECIOUS!



She finally gave up and took a little nap.  It was so nice (for me and her!).


Before our beach trip on Saturday, I did my 11 mile run.  I was actually a very mixed run.  I have really been hating the first 2-3 miles of my longer runs.  I have no idea why.  I think maybe because I go all the way to the end of a dead end road and have to turn around.  I know I always instantly feel better when I turn around.  Well, the middle part of my run is typically “ok,” and the last part (last 2-3 miles) has been great!  I was getting all excited for the last 2.5 miles on Saturday…well I ended up having to stop and go home.  Then, I rerouted my course and started again.  It was a bit of a broken run.  BUT I did finish it!  I was very happy about that.  We wanted to head to the beach right after, so I didn’t stretch (naughty) and took a quick shower before we headed out.  We enjoyed lunch at home and some fro-yo.  Then, I did lots of errands in some dumb flip flops from Old Navy (aka the $1.99 ones) and in the rain (#notwinning).  I was tired and a little peeved by the time evening rolled around.  On Sunday morning, I woke up with lots of foot pain on the outside of my left foot.  😦  I took Roscoe for a walk anyways with Holden (dumb).  Then, we all went to church.  After lunch, I proceeded to make 4 different types of cookies…all while standing (dumb again).  What a hot mess!


I finally decided to take a load off and google diagnosis myself.  Well…a popular search result was STRESS FRACTURE which is causing me to STRESS!  We did some “at-home” tests to self-diagnose (yes, I made the Mr. try to be a dr.) with mixed results.  Today I woke up with some pain, but it is better than yesterday.  I’ve been icing like it’s my job.  However, I did do lots of errands today.  I can’t sit still.  😦  I also drank some almond milk so that should take care of any bone issues right???  P.S.  Recommended fix for this diagnosis is 6 weeks rest!!!!!

I’m going to attempt to be nice and calm to these people…(love them!  How cute is this picture?!?!)


I’m going to rest and not run tomorrow.  I plan to hop out of bed tomorrow morning like a child at Christmas and hope my foot is all better.  We will see.

P.S. My foot is so chilly right now that I can’t feel anything.  Problem fixed!  😉






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