Thursday Confessions

Today I’m joining Leigh Annie, and Danielle.   Let’s jump right in!



Confessional Thursday.jpg

I confess…

I have developed a bit of a habit this summer that involves Oreo minis and nap time.  Helen and Holden both go down for a nap (or a rest in Holden’s case) at 2PM.  At precisely 2:05, I’m having some tea and some Oreo minis.  They definitely aren’t healthy, but I find the little individual packs at about 130 calories a pop do just the trick for a sweet afternoon craving.  I also confess that I don’t share with anyone.  They are currently hidden.  😉  Isn’t that terrible?!  Holden was with me at the grocery store the other day and asked if he could have one for dessert.  I told him no…these are Mommy’s treats!


I don’t wast my face every morning.  I’ve been really embracing the super casual summer for me (i.e. workout clothes almost every day).  I know I should, but I honestly sometimes forget.  Forget the makeup!  I say I’m averaging about 2 days a week for makeup.  Lots of times I’m just hanging out at home or sweating it out on the playground.  I really see no need for it.  Now, I admit a nice face washing with some face lotion is a good idea.  However, sometimes it’s a feat to just get out the door dressed.

I have obsessively planned both my children’s baptisms.  Helen’s is coming up very soon, and I LOVE thinking of every little detail.  We had to make a special trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday since AC Moore just didn’t have the RIGHT cross stickers for the food cards!  I can’t imagine what wedding planning/graduation parties/etc. will be like in the future!  This print will be displayed at her baptism.  Check out my Pinterest board about her baptism here!



I hate laundry.  I know I should be thankful for having plenty of clothes and the ability to clean them without taking them out to the river, but…I just can’t stand it.  I AM so thankful that our laundry has increased recently.  The reason is sweet little Helen!  She is such a spitting up baby!  However, she is growing and happy.  It is truly just a laundry issue.  I think about a load a day helps us to stay on top of the situation!  P.S.  I also confess I don’t sort it.  Nobody got time for that!

Whew, there you have it!  Hope you have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Confessions

  1. Haha, I hide some treats too. I never sort my girls clothes to wash either. Too much work and mostly everything can be washed together. I do sort mine though. I hate wearing makeup and doing my hair daily too. So much work. Thanks for linking up!

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