Weekend Fun: Tea for Three


Linking up with Johannah for Hello Monday!  Let’s jump right in…  I’m so excited about this week!  It is going to be super busy with just regular week stuff plus a visit with some family, a preschool art event, and Helen’s baptism!  My to-do list is pretty scary.  All good stuff though!

This weekend was just wonderful with lots of family time, good food, and some good catching up.  My mom and sister arrived Friday afternoon a little ahead of schedule…which was awesome!  My mom is turning 60 in September, so we were planning on celebrating!  We got to enjoy a late lunch with them, and Holden even skipped his afternoon nap!  Who am I??!?  We had to pick up a few grocery items before they arrived.  I was super thankful to have this cutie taking up most my cart.


Holden was so excited to see his Auntie DeeDee and Moochie that he had to draw them some artwork to greet them!


Friday night was dinner and talking my mom into rubbing my sore foot/leg.  I also got already for my long run that was coming up early Saturday morning.

I was super tired when I woke up due to not going to bed early and a few wake-up calls.  Mommy and Daddy are really appreciating Helen=no wake ups in weeks at night!  You go, girl!  Holden was actually the night child right now.  Nevertheless, I was at the running trail by 6:30.  12 miles later…I’m done!  IMG_3965.jpg

Ignore the split time…I have no idea how I hit that button.  My overall time for 12 miles was 1:38.  Average pace was 8:10 per mile.  My previous half-marathon average pace was 8:23.  🙂  This made me pretty happy.  My foot and calf did give me a wee bit of pain during the first 6 miles.  However, I felt like a million bucks on the last 6.  I’m so so so hopeful that everything will hold together -for lack of a better way of expressing it- until this race is over.  I so want to run it and beat my old time.  Like more than I’ve wanted to do anything in a long time.  I’ve always been my own strongest competition.  I have made a promise to my foot to take a nice break from running starting the moment after the race is done.  Work with me, foot!  P.S. This was my jam on the run Saturday.  The Mr. and my sister think I like cheesy music…bunch of haters!  I’ll take all the motivation I can get to keep running when my foot is hurting.  Plus there was SAND to run through on this trail run.

Okay…back to the non-running aspects of the weekend!  After my run (and a surprisingly refreshing ice bath courtesy of my trainer/the Mr.), we were off to the Flowering Almond Spa at The Founders’ Inn for my mom’s birthday treats.  My sister and I were planning to just hang out or possibly go to a couple stores while she was being pampered.  HOWEVER, the nice receptionist showed us to the “conservatory” which apparently is code word for comfy, quiet, relaxing room with snacks, infused water, and K-cup coffee (which I have difficulty operating).  Yes, we will so wait there!


One magazine I was reading talked about something disturbing…bread buyers beware!  Apparently this stuff is in our bread and is no bueno!


Our next stop on the “Mommy’s 60th Birthday” day was the English Rose Tea Room.  We had a very nice lunch with all the typical tea-like items.  I loved the scones with clotted cream and lemon curd.  One of the scones was almond flavored.  Yum!  I also loved the pimento cheese mini sandwiches.  So good!


Bummer this one is blurry!  She’s a cutie!


We finished up the day visiting one of my sister’s friends who just had a cute little one and getting some coffee for the coffee lovers.  We tried 3 Ships Coffee down at the Oceanfront.  My sister really like hers.  It was a super fancy place I thought!  That is definitely saying something in today’s Starbucks world.


All good times much come to an end, and my mom and sister left after dinner on Saturday night.  The Mr. and I enjoyed a quiet evening with some Olympic viewing.  We missed this sad event!  I can’t even imagine how upsetting this must be to him.  Here’s a few more good ones from the weekend!



Sunday was lots of relaxing and church!  Two of my favorite Sunday activities.
Hope you had a great weekend!


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