A Meal with The Neighborhood Harvest

We really really go thorough some greens in a week!  I find that I’m often running out of salad fixings before it’s time for my weekly grocery store and/or Sam’s Club trip.  It’s kind of a pain too since I have to lug both kids in just to pick up some spinach or kale.  I was contacted by Rebecca at The Neighborhood Harvest about this very issue!

Check out this description of their services seen on their website…

Our greenhouse farm is not weather-dependent allowing us to deliver freshly-cut greens year round.  Delivery within a day of harvest yields plants with two-three times more shelf-life than store bought greens.  Yet we are comparably priced.

There is no other source of greens and lettuces that are: 

*Delivered to your door the day after harvest.

*Sustainable, Beyond Organic, Pesticide and GMO free.

*Locally grown in Suffolk, VA reducing your environmental footprint 

and supporting the local economy.

*The most incredible flavor!

To have my greens delivered, I just put a cooler out on my front porch.  Everything was packaged so nicely!  Once I opened up each container to really check out the goodies, it was easy to see that the quality was far superior to what I had been getting at my local grocery store or Sam’s Club.  We enjoyed these greens (baby kale, mesclun, baby spinach, green leaf lettuce, romaine, and some pea shoots!) in salads for several days.  The meal below was a veggie lover’s dream!

Chickpea Tofu BBQ sandwiches <-Recipe here!  Very good!  🙂

Sweet Potato {oven} Fries

side salad with ranch dressing


I would highly recommend this service!  Just think how inspired you would be to eat your veggies if they came fresh and super delicious to your doorstep!  Here’s a link to explain a little more how it works!

Have you ever tried a delivery service like this?

Blue Apron or any of those other total meal delivery services?

How was your experience?


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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