Helen’s Baptism Weekend

What an amazing weekend we had!  It was a lot of work, food, family time, talk, and just plain love!  I’m so thankful that our family and friends were able to get together to celebrate the baptism of our daughter, Helen Elizabeth, and the upcoming marriage of the Mr.’s sister and her fiancee.

Here’s a little recap:

Friday was super busy with food prep, packing, and driving over to the Eastern Shore.  The Mr. and I drove separately to allow for all the stuff (i.e. a huge cooler in the back of my car!) and to accommodate Helen’s nap times.  I did more food prep as soon as we arrived at my parents’ house.  So.Much.Mayo!

On Saturday, my mom and I did not exactly rise and shine early…but we did shake a leg!  The church was decorated all up by lunch time.  My mother-in-law also came into town with my sister-in-law and (almost) brother-in-law.  Then, it was back to my parents’ house for me AND more food prep for me!  The Mr. was off with my dad, brother, and Holden for a clamming adventure.  Miss Helen was with the girls, and she was pretty much an angel all day.

We were in such a hurry to wrap up the decorations and food prep, because we were all attending my sister-in-law’s surprise engagement party!  Although I helped a little (invitations and dessert), I mostly just showed up and enjoyed myself!  My father-in-law and mother-in-law did all the decor and took care of the food.  We had such a good time catching up with everyone.



It was a relatively early bedtime for us though (after more Olympic watching!).  Sunday was quite a big day!  I’ve been planning this since…forever!  We decided that we wanted to have Helen’s baptism at my “home” church on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  The day started off slowly with a yummy breakfast courtesy of my mom that can whip up something delicious and pretty lightning fast.  However, the pace definitely picked up as we started getting everything and everyone ready for the big event.

We decided to dress the little girl at the church.  She spits up quite a bit, and I’m honestly concerned that it’s a bit too much.  Planning to talk to her doctor on Friday at the 4 month appointment…here’s the little girl!



My sweet family!  I’m so thankful and can’t believe how blessed I am to be able to spend my days with them.  DSC_0681.JPGMy brother and sister are Helen’s godparents.  I can’t believe how grown-up we all are, but I think I mostly can’t believe how much I actually WANT to spend time with them now!  Parents of arguing siblings…there is hope!


Love my mommy!  She is so my opposite in some ways, yet we are so on the same page in many important ways.  I’m so thankful for her help this weekend and just constant support in life.  Gosh, I really got a good one!


The reception food was country ham biscuits, chicken salad, crackers, Neiman Marcus dip, Pasta Salad, and Summer Rainbow Salad.


Fruit with Dip and Cake were the desserts!  The cake was almost too pretty to eat!


Helen’s Meme made this delicious sweet treat.  Isn’t she talented?!?



My sweet girl decided to be a team player and snooze during the reception which meant we could talk and eat!  What a keeper!  😉


Godfather and Auntie aka Kitchen Crew 🙂


When she’s fussy, this is her fave way to travel about…


Pastor Claire married us and baptized both of our sweet children.  We are so thankful for her!


C-Pa doing a little art with our dude!




Breaking it down (no, really breaking it down and putting it all away) in the kitchen!

DSC_0743 2.JPG

Whew!  It was a lot of work, but it was definitely a labor of love.  I love spending time with family and friends!   We are so thankful for the “cloud of witnesses” who were present at Helen’s official admission into Christ’s family.  Life is good.


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