5 for Friday

This week has been me lounging about a bit…don’t get me wrong.  I still got some things accomplished, but I really tried to take it easy, not freak out over my dirty house, and eat some desserts with Holden {and Helen as she looks on longingly}.  Here are five things about my week!



A successful 4 month well-check!  Yay for Helen Belen (<- a nickname I’m not sure she will appreciate down the road)!  Sidetone:  Holden’s nickname was/is Holden Bolden.  What can I say…I like rhymes!  Back to the doctor’s appointment, I was a little worried over Helen’s weight gain or lack thereof since she is such a spitter-upper.  However, the doctor reassured us that she is growing just fine on her little 25th percentile growth line.  She remains 25th for head, weight, and length – this is what she was at birth.  I confess that I’m having a little difficulty staying calm and trusting that the transition to daycare will go smoothly.  I know I will be upset to be away from her during the day, and I think I may possibly be more upset than I was when Holden went to daycare.  Not sure why…I think we bonded more initially?  Either way I’m super thankful to have had 4 months and a couple weeks home with this little girl!  I was a lucky duck with Holden as well.  We were home 5 months and a couple weeks together.  I am really going to stick to a set time to leave work each day, so I can get home to my sweets!  Although the beginning of the school year is so busy, I know where my priority is.


Children’s Clothing Shopping – I hate it!  I just do not get a thrill out of shopping for my clothes or my children’s clothes.  I thought I might like it more having a girl, but this doesn’t not appear to be true.  I’d rather just buy a bunch of stuff, get it over with, and avoid it until they grow out of stuff!  I lucked out and ordered Holden lots of pants from The Children’s Place when the site was doing its 50% off and free shipping.  Helen is more of a challenge due to her little peanut status.  She’s still wearing some 0-3 month stuff, but I’ve been buying some onesies, leggings, etc. in 3-6 month stuff.  The other frustration is “What will the fall weather in Virginia be like?!?!”  It could be hot as blazes or breezy and chilly.  I mean, I can barely dress myself appropriately!  Rant over!  I am thankful that I have the moola to buy clothes for my kids.  I guess I should stop whining then!


Alternate Vaccine Schedule – This is a heavily debated topic – vaccinations and kids.  I (I guess I should say “We” since the Mr. usually agrees with my stance on this) decided with Holden to fully vaccinate but on an alternate schedule.  This can mean lots of different things.  For us, it means that Helen will get half of the recommended shots at her well-check.  Then, I will bring her back during the office’s shot hours for the remaining ones at a later date.  I like to do it on the odd month (example:  go back for shots when she is 5 months), but we will be only waiting a week this time.  This way her shot record will be up-to-date when I turn it in to her daycare provider.  How do you feel about this?

You can read this review of Dr. Sears’ book here.  There is also a PDF to help the parent keep straight the vaccines.   More info from Dr. Sears’ website here.  



A “What you got in the pantry?” Cookie Recipe – After lunch today, I really wanted something sweet.  I knew we didn’t have a lot to pick from but the rainy weather and thunderstorm just seemed to be begging me to make cookies and color with Holden.  We poked around the kitchen until I found enough ingredients to make some almond butter + raisin cookies.  They turned out delicious and were the perfect companion for some coloring.

Almond Butter + Raisin Cookies (yields 9)

1/2 cup almond butter

1/2 cup old fashioned oats

1 egg

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 tsp. baking powder

5 tbsp. brown sugar

1/2 cup raisins

Mix all ingredients into bowl.  Plop on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Bake about ten minutes.  Check for “doneness” and let cool for two to three minutes on cookie sheet. Enjoy!



Pre – K Art Day at MOCA – On Thursday, we went to our very first Pre-K Art Day at MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured why not for the $7 fee.  It lasted an hour and started with a read aloud.  I confess that I missed what exactly the book was about.  Helen and I were swaying and checking out art on the walls in the reading room.  I think it was something about looking at things in new ways/fresh perspectives.  Then, we did a “gallery walk”  – – aren’t we grown up and fancy?! – – -to see a mask.  The mask would be the inspiration for the kids art time.  Finally, we got to do some art!  Holden got really into his mask-making.  I just helped him cut out the eyes, mouth and nose.  The rest was all him.  I did notice a lot of people really forcing the kids to do a very similar representation of the mask examples that the presented displayed.  It kind of made me sad as some of the kids were much too young for that.  I saw a lot of caregiver/grandmas/etc. doing most of the work.  Sadly, I think the kids missed out on an opportunity to be creative and do the work!  Personally, I would much rather see what my kid can come up with versus copying a model.  Okay, all done!

How has your week been?

Any favorite art activities for kids?

What are your thoughts on clothes shopping?  Rather shop for you or for kids?


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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