We Meet Santa!

Hi there!  Wow, it was a full weekend followed by a very busy Monday.  My mom came into town on Friday evening, and we were all very excited to have her stay.  The Mr. left to go hunting VERY early on Saturday morning.  I also was up and at ’em early on Saturday to help serve breakfast at our church’s winter shelter for those who are homeless in our area.  It was an experience I hope we can share as a family once the kids are older.  I think we tend to label and put ourselves (and others) in categories.  As humans, it soothes us to organize our existence and make sense of our environment and those in it.  I think we (meaning me too) forget that we all have more in common than we think.  The people I served early on Saturday morning were just people whose circumstances are different from mine.  There were some morning-people, some cranky people, some polite people (actually no rude people), just people.  I’m very thankful for the experience.

So…after my early morning activities I picked up my mom and kids to head to the Breakfast with Santa event at my school.  It was so low-key!  It was the perfect recipe for a casual conversation with this guy…


They both did great!  Holden asked Santa for a Captain America costume…Helen just chilled on his lap!  No spit-up and no tears!

I got to see a few students and introduce them to my kids.  We also visited the book fair, and Holden purchased a book for himself and one to give his sister for Christmas.

After a quick pit stop at home to pick up my sister, we were off for lunch at Dish.  This was a fun restaurant in Virginia Beach…”Scandinavian specialties along with our great American favorites.”  -from the website


My delicious smoked salmon sandwich with avocado pictured below!


We ended our celebration (it was my early birthday celebration!) with a visit to The Royal Chocolate in Town Center for fondue.  IMG_4370.jpg

I think it’s clear that Holden was excited.  🙂


We were so full we hardly ate dinner later that evening!

Sunday was super quiet.  We (the kids and me) staying home all day except for a walk to the park.  I really hate missing church especially during Advent, but Helen is quite a wiggle worm during worship service.  I think we need to take the plunge and drop her off in the church nursery for worship service.  Clingy mom and baby problems!

Here’s Holden doing some crafting on Sunday…


We were so glad to see the Mr. on Sunday evening…he came home with two deer!  Lots of venison in our future!

Monday was back to work/school, but we enjoyed seeing Holden perform at his Christmas program.  The Mr. was on “dad cam” duty with the pictures, but I did snap this one of the three spectators (Moochie and Poppy were present but not pictured…we were so glad they joined us!)…what do you think of the Mr.’s face?!?


Whew!  I can’t believe it’s only Monday evening!  I’ve got THREE meetings this week plus just regular school stuff.  I can almost taste winter break AND am so excited!

My Christmas fun list still has cookie baking and some Rudolph watching on it.  🙂  What are you looking forward to in the Christmas celebration season?

Have a great week!



Dropping Off the Planet + Life Lately

Hi there!  Wow, fall is super busy for me!  I know some people just love this season, but it is always just too much of EVERYTHING for me after the relaxed pace of summer.  Hence…no posts since late September!  It’s like I just fall off the planet until about holiday time.  I bet other teachers would agree with me.  Things don’t seem to smooth out until Halloween.  Well, what is all this busy-ness we’ve been up to you may ask???

Helen’s been chilling at daycare…


Holden’s been playing soccer…1 practice and 1 game a week except for our rainy spells.  I get to hang out with Miss Lovely on the sidelines.  Thankfully, we’ve had mostly warm weather which is good considering the 5 o’clock practice time.


He built a fire truck and saw lots of firemen with their fire truck at the Home Depot Kids’ Workshop on one rainy Saturday.  We were glad to have C-Pa and Meme join us for this Saturday fun which also included PIZZA!IMG_4197.jpg

We all went to the Neptune Festival at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  Although no purchases were made (lots of art and artisans there), Holden score lots of free loot.


He only tortured his sister slightly with it…


I got a bang trim to prepare for my sis-in-law’s wedding which is THIS WEEKEND!  Can’t believe it’s almost here!


I’ve still been doing running/working out when I can.   I signed up for a 5K the Saturday after Thanksgiving to keep me motivated.  I’m looking forward to a fast, short race.


I got to do a trail run recently, and it was wonderful.  I just ran for enjoyment – not time or distance.  Saw lots of pretty scenery and just basically soothed my soul!


until this happened…


I tried to jump up on a fallen tree blocking the trail.  I was coming from downhill and didn’t have enough forward momentum.  Took a tumble!  Don’t worry…I eventually made it over after a couple of similar attempts.  It is still a quite lovely scabby mess.

We experienced some of Hurricane Matthew and lost power for a little over 24 hours.


Lots of dog cuddling…


I baked the above “chocolate cake” in the toaster oven on our one cord coming from the generator.


Hunting season has started for the Mr., so we are doing our best to tough it out without him.  I think we did pretty OK.  I had my right-hand-boy with me while grocery shopping last Saturday.


Aren’t those kid-sized carts adorable?!?!  He is such a big helper!



Got to hang with my girl for some extra hours on Wednesday and also a bit on Thursday morning!  Holden went to school on Wednesday.  We are way too slow moving for him.  He did get to have extra time at home with Mommy and sister on Thursday thanks to a 2 hour delay for me.


Gosh, why do I hate Sundays?  They overwhelm me from the moment my feet hit the floor.  I absolutely hate it!  I saw this funny e-card somewhere that said “Sunday…when we try to get our whole life together in twelve hours.”  So true and so unrealistically crazy!

I think the concept of Sunday as a day of rest is a wonderful idea.  However, Mommy and Daddy have to go to real jobs on Monday morning.  All the home jobs have to get done some time.  I can tell you that Monday afternoon at about 4:45 is probably not going to work for us (or 5:45ish in the case of the Mr.’s arrival at home).  So anwayyyy!  I obviously got a bit bogged down in the Sunday workday blues, but I/we had a wonderful weekend.  Nothing but great times!

Friday – Got off early, got my teeth cleaned (no cavities!), got my blood tested (so not fun but so worth it to be able to donate milk to the local children’s hospital milk bank), took a walk with some of my favorites and went to bed early

Saturday – ran ran ran in the morning after giving Hellie Bellie her first taste of bananas.  This went better than rice cereal.  Plus, her spit-up is now delightful!  A sweet, banana smell!  My mom aka Moochie visited us for the CHKD Make-a-Scarecrow event.  We’ve done this every year since Holden was born.  All proceeds go to Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters!  We ate an early lunch at Commune…highly recommend!  Glad we got to go!  When I say it was a fast lunch, I mean it!  Holden changed into his soccer duds in the parking lot.  We picked the Mr. up on the way to the game.  Holden did great even though it was super hot at the game. P.S.  All this was done prior to 2PM.  Whew!  My mom and I left the kids with the Mr. for nap time and enjoyed fro-yo and coffee plus some grocery shopping/craft store shopping.  Love having her visit!



Sunday – Baby food making!  So far, we’ve got bananas, avocado, pears, and sweet potato.  Helen has only had rice cereal and bananas.  Lots of freezer food!  We also took a nice walk at First Landing State Park.  It was such a great temperature and a perfect day to check out a new trail that we don’t usually take.  We came up on a nice little beach and let Holden and Roscoe (and maybe the Mr.) run wild.

Hope your weekend was a great one!  I can’t wait for another.

On a sidenote…I got stuck in the room I pump in at school this past week.  I found it hilarious, and I kind of wanted to not call anyone to help me out.  What does that say about how my work weeks have been going?  Hmmmm….The picture that I texted the Mr. below.  I was doing some slightly hysterical laughing.


P.S.  Holden got a new bike.  He’s officially getting so tall and so big.  How is this happening!?!?  I want Helen to grow, and Holden to hold steady for a little bit.






Weekends v. Weekdays

We are in the thick of the “weekdays” right now on this Wednesday morning.  It feels like it has been raining for 100 years, but it has really been only a full day of rain.  I woke up once for Helen and once for Holden last night.   Both times it sounded just like someone had turned a faucet on over our house!  Don’t you just hate the rain?!?!  It’s kind of cozy if you can stay home when it’s going on.  Unfortunately, that’s not what we were up to yesterday.  I have about a 30 minute drive to work in typical traffic.  Yesterday’s rain extended that quite a bit.  I just hate being late to work!  I have a hard time keeping the day going in a positive way when that happens.  Which brings me to what’s on my mind…weekends v. weekdays!

This past weekend was Holden’s first soccer game.  He loved it, and we loved watching him!  It was pretty warm with temps in the mid 80s.  The team split into two small teams, so the kids could play the whole time with no subbing.


P.S. Boys 6 and under soccer is when things start to get a little more serious and a little more competitive!

Besides soccer, we got to attend a baptism of our old friends’ baby boy.  The Mr. was the godfather.  Doesn’t he look handsome?!  Baby and Godfather!14355539_1462250590457984_1420083822664243896_n.jpg

It was a beautiful service with lots of delicious food afterwards.  We also had a visit from Holden and Helen’s Meme and C-Pa.  This delayed nap time, so Holden was quite pleased! It was such a nice (and busy!) weekend.  I confess that Monday was not my favorite, and Tuesday was really not my favorite.  I’ve been really not feeling the work scene lately, and it’s been very noticeable.  Not to mention I’ve been pretty vocal about it!  Don’t ask me how I feel unless you REALLY want to know.

I know when I have times like this the most important thing I can do is to pray more.  Well, (sadly) I feel like I tend to pray less.  This morning I finally got myself together and spent a little time reading.  I came across this verse in Hosea 7 (verse 14).

They lie there sleepless with anxiety, but won’t ask my help.  

Instead, they worship heathen gods asking them for crops and for prosperity.

So true in my case!  I have chosen to fret and worry and obsess and just WALLOW about in my despair over working outside the home (let’s be real…there’s work inside the home too!).  Right now it seems to be my portion.  Although people say you can always change your course, I don’t feel that’s anything I can do now.  I’ve got to figure out how to make this work AND somehow enjoy it aka not be super miserable everyday.  A key part that I’ve been missing is PRAYER.  I totally have been skipping this in my life right now for worry, crying, whining, anger, and just general despair.

 So…I’m going to try to do better.  Does this seem like it’s the theme of your days?  I feel like it happens to be mine.  I am thankful for new days and fresh starts.  Even if today I may float away on the way to work.  It’s STILL raining!

Have a great hump day.



A Sweet Weekend

It seems like our weekends are just as busy as our weekdays!  Honestly, I think I kind of like it that way.  I do have a tendency to overuse the “b” work aka BUSY!

I was admittedly very tired and more than a little overwhelmed on Friday afternoon.  I received a text from Helen’s daycare that she was a little more fussy than normal.  😦  Also, I had a lot of work that sort of plopped in my lap towards the latter part of the day.  Unfortunately, it had to be done THAT DAY!  Hate when that happens!  Lots of flaking out for us on Friday evening.

The Mr. left early Saturday morning to work on his hunting property, so the Hs and I had a nice, quiet morning until we went out around 10:30.  Holden and I made pancakes.  Helen and I snuggled bunches.  IMG_4095.jpg




Our errands included Dollar Tree, the library (duh!), a make-your-own-chocolate-bar event (at The Royal Chocolate), the car wash, and the drugstore.  Whew!  We were home by 12:30!

Holden picked gummies and marshmallows for the inside of his bar and sprinkles for the outside.  We got to mix it up and then pour it into a mold.  Next, we sprinkled on our super-cool sprinkles!


The chocolate event was a last minute plan that I found on My Active Child.  This is a great website for local events if you’re in the Hampton Roads area.  It’s also got plenty of local stuff that just adults might be interested in!  Check it out!  We also walked over to the little pond across from Town Center that we used to frequent when we lived there.  We saw a little duck family!  Then, Holden asked to throw some change in the fountain.


We spent the rest of the afternoon lunching and trying to nap.  It was wishful thinking, and both the kids were restless.  Once the Mr. got home, we loaded up (along with some pea salad – here’s my recipe!) and went to our church’s annual BBQ.  Holden had a blast in the bounce house.  We enjoyed not doing dishes!  Just keeping it real!  I’m a hot mess and more than a little tired, but I was so glad we went.  I love our church and am so thankful to have such a positive place and people in our lives.


Sunday was a very busy day!  We got a phone call very early that my mom was not feeling well.  Thankfully, all is better now!  We wanted to rush over to our Moochie but decided to wait a bit and see if things improved.  I’m happy to report they did!  Our Sunday was lots of church (I had Sunday School training), grocery shopping, gym-going, baking (2 lactation snacks – aka all Mommy’s treats), and a little neighborhood walk.  Gosh!  I need a day to recover from my weekend!  😉

How was your weekend?

What’s the summer food you’ll miss the most?  Mine is watermelon and the easy to grill veggies like zucchini and squash!

What are you most excited about this fall?  I think I’m most excited about the decorations and just being cozy at home.

Have a great week!


Helen’s Baptism Weekend

What an amazing weekend we had!  It was a lot of work, food, family time, talk, and just plain love!  I’m so thankful that our family and friends were able to get together to celebrate the baptism of our daughter, Helen Elizabeth, and the upcoming marriage of the Mr.’s sister and her fiancee.

Here’s a little recap:

Friday was super busy with food prep, packing, and driving over to the Eastern Shore.  The Mr. and I drove separately to allow for all the stuff (i.e. a huge cooler in the back of my car!) and to accommodate Helen’s nap times.  I did more food prep as soon as we arrived at my parents’ house.  So.Much.Mayo!

On Saturday, my mom and I did not exactly rise and shine early…but we did shake a leg!  The church was decorated all up by lunch time.  My mother-in-law also came into town with my sister-in-law and (almost) brother-in-law.  Then, it was back to my parents’ house for me AND more food prep for me!  The Mr. was off with my dad, brother, and Holden for a clamming adventure.  Miss Helen was with the girls, and she was pretty much an angel all day.

We were in such a hurry to wrap up the decorations and food prep, because we were all attending my sister-in-law’s surprise engagement party!  Although I helped a little (invitations and dessert), I mostly just showed up and enjoyed myself!  My father-in-law and mother-in-law did all the decor and took care of the food.  We had such a good time catching up with everyone.



It was a relatively early bedtime for us though (after more Olympic watching!).  Sunday was quite a big day!  I’ve been planning this since…forever!  We decided that we wanted to have Helen’s baptism at my “home” church on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  The day started off slowly with a yummy breakfast courtesy of my mom that can whip up something delicious and pretty lightning fast.  However, the pace definitely picked up as we started getting everything and everyone ready for the big event.

We decided to dress the little girl at the church.  She spits up quite a bit, and I’m honestly concerned that it’s a bit too much.  Planning to talk to her doctor on Friday at the 4 month appointment…here’s the little girl!



My sweet family!  I’m so thankful and can’t believe how blessed I am to be able to spend my days with them.  DSC_0681.JPGMy brother and sister are Helen’s godparents.  I can’t believe how grown-up we all are, but I think I mostly can’t believe how much I actually WANT to spend time with them now!  Parents of arguing siblings…there is hope!


Love my mommy!  She is so my opposite in some ways, yet we are so on the same page in many important ways.  I’m so thankful for her help this weekend and just constant support in life.  Gosh, I really got a good one!


The reception food was country ham biscuits, chicken salad, crackers, Neiman Marcus dip, Pasta Salad, and Summer Rainbow Salad.


Fruit with Dip and Cake were the desserts!  The cake was almost too pretty to eat!


Helen’s Meme made this delicious sweet treat.  Isn’t she talented?!?



My sweet girl decided to be a team player and snooze during the reception which meant we could talk and eat!  What a keeper!  😉


Godfather and Auntie aka Kitchen Crew 🙂


When she’s fussy, this is her fave way to travel about…


Pastor Claire married us and baptized both of our sweet children.  We are so thankful for her!


C-Pa doing a little art with our dude!




Breaking it down (no, really breaking it down and putting it all away) in the kitchen!

DSC_0743 2.JPG

Whew!  It was a lot of work, but it was definitely a labor of love.  I love spending time with family and friends!   We are so thankful for the “cloud of witnesses” who were present at Helen’s official admission into Christ’s family.  Life is good.


Weekend Fun: Tea for Three


Linking up with Johannah for Hello Monday!  Let’s jump right in…  I’m so excited about this week!  It is going to be super busy with just regular week stuff plus a visit with some family, a preschool art event, and Helen’s baptism!  My to-do list is pretty scary.  All good stuff though!

This weekend was just wonderful with lots of family time, good food, and some good catching up.  My mom and sister arrived Friday afternoon a little ahead of schedule…which was awesome!  My mom is turning 60 in September, so we were planning on celebrating!  We got to enjoy a late lunch with them, and Holden even skipped his afternoon nap!  Who am I??!?  We had to pick up a few grocery items before they arrived.  I was super thankful to have this cutie taking up most my cart.


Holden was so excited to see his Auntie DeeDee and Moochie that he had to draw them some artwork to greet them!


Friday night was dinner and talking my mom into rubbing my sore foot/leg.  I also got already for my long run that was coming up early Saturday morning.

I was super tired when I woke up due to not going to bed early and a few wake-up calls.  Mommy and Daddy are really appreciating Helen=no wake ups in weeks at night!  You go, girl!  Holden was actually the night child right now.  Nevertheless, I was at the running trail by 6:30.  12 miles later…I’m done!  IMG_3965.jpg

Ignore the split time…I have no idea how I hit that button.  My overall time for 12 miles was 1:38.  Average pace was 8:10 per mile.  My previous half-marathon average pace was 8:23.  🙂  This made me pretty happy.  My foot and calf did give me a wee bit of pain during the first 6 miles.  However, I felt like a million bucks on the last 6.  I’m so so so hopeful that everything will hold together -for lack of a better way of expressing it- until this race is over.  I so want to run it and beat my old time.  Like more than I’ve wanted to do anything in a long time.  I’ve always been my own strongest competition.  I have made a promise to my foot to take a nice break from running starting the moment after the race is done.  Work with me, foot!  P.S. This was my jam on the run Saturday.  The Mr. and my sister think I like cheesy music…bunch of haters!  I’ll take all the motivation I can get to keep running when my foot is hurting.  Plus there was SAND to run through on this trail run.

Okay…back to the non-running aspects of the weekend!  After my run (and a surprisingly refreshing ice bath courtesy of my trainer/the Mr.), we were off to the Flowering Almond Spa at The Founders’ Inn for my mom’s birthday treats.  My sister and I were planning to just hang out or possibly go to a couple stores while she was being pampered.  HOWEVER, the nice receptionist showed us to the “conservatory” which apparently is code word for comfy, quiet, relaxing room with snacks, infused water, and K-cup coffee (which I have difficulty operating).  Yes, we will so wait there!


One magazine I was reading talked about something disturbing…bread buyers beware!  Apparently this stuff is in our bread and is no bueno!


Our next stop on the “Mommy’s 60th Birthday” day was the English Rose Tea Room.  We had a very nice lunch with all the typical tea-like items.  I loved the scones with clotted cream and lemon curd.  One of the scones was almond flavored.  Yum!  I also loved the pimento cheese mini sandwiches.  So good!


Bummer this one is blurry!  She’s a cutie!


We finished up the day visiting one of my sister’s friends who just had a cute little one and getting some coffee for the coffee lovers.  We tried 3 Ships Coffee down at the Oceanfront.  My sister really like hers.  It was a super fancy place I thought!  That is definitely saying something in today’s Starbucks world.


All good times much come to an end, and my mom and sister left after dinner on Saturday night.  The Mr. and I enjoyed a quiet evening with some Olympic viewing.  We missed this sad event!  I can’t even imagine how upsetting this must be to him.  Here’s a few more good ones from the weekend!



Sunday was lots of relaxing and church!  Two of my favorite Sunday activities.
Hope you had a great weekend!