Summer Goals- 4 weeks left!

I can’t believe that it’s only a little over 4 weeks left of my maternity leave/ summer vacation!  It has been (mostly) so wonderful!  I really want to make the most of the time I have left, so I made a list of some end-of-summer goals.

House Stuff:

  • Make a chalkboard sign for the kitchen
  • Redo hall pictures
  • Clean out summer clothes
  • Put prints in photo album
  • Buy blender for baby food making


Me Stuff:

  • Renew blog?  Always torn about this!  I’m always really into it in the summer, but I tend to fall off in the other seasons.
  • Keep running (and lifting and yoga and just fitnessy stuff)
  • Get ready to do budget recon in September – I plan on writing down EVERYTHING I buy in the month of September.
  • Get a haircut! – I haven’t had one since March!
  • Organize school papers/materials that I brought home in April (seems like a lifetime ago)
  • Read 2 books for fun
  • Eat as much watermelon as possible


Holden’s Stuff:

  • Finish baby book – Yikes!  I really fell off the bandwagon with this one.  I’m trying to be inspired by Helen’s and finish up Holden’s.
  • Get Holden’s school supplies
  • Get fitted for a little boy tux for Auntie Brookie’s wedding
  • Art Museum Pre-K Day
  • Visit Farmer’s Market
  • Maybe another fishing trip???
  • School shoes!
  • Fro-yo date – Mommy & Holden


Helen’s Stuff:

  • Work on baby book
  • Outfit for Auntie Brookie’s wedding
  • Find some cute clothes to fit this growing baby!
  • Review baby food making business – I love this book!  
  • Baptism and Reception – Planning, Decorating, Cooking, and Enjoying!
  • Get everything ready for the daycare transition


Whew!  We are going to be busy!  Hopefully, there will be some beach days in there as well.


How’s your summer been?

Any last items you want to check off your summer list?

Favorite summer treats?

Greetings from Vacation Land!

Hi there!  Holden and I have been in “vacation mode” since last Friday.  We are visiting family and hip-hopping between houses.  The Mr. has been able to join us on the weekends.  We miss him a bunch, but I {and I’m pretty sure I can speak for the little man} have so been enjoying the unhurried pace of a whole week with family!  I have oodles of great pictures from the past several days.  I would love to post them, but I must be PC-illiterate when it comes to pictures!  Instead, I’ll just share what we’ve been up to!

visited the NASA Visitor Center on its 70th birthday

had a picnic and play time at a fun park 

enjoyed some famous ice cream 

drove some country roads 

looked for sea glass

enjoyed lots of meals with family

went to a pool and worked on our swimming skills

took a boat ride and ate some dinner on an island beach 

went to the beach with Granny on one of the best beach days in history!

picked some fresh veggies from aunt and uncle’s garden

took good care of our doggieafter he injured himself 😦

had a park play date and picnic with old/new friends

dined on all sorts of Mexican dishes at aunt and uncle’s home

Whew!  I admit to being TIRED this morning!  My little man has been up past his bedtime every.single.night.  We’ve been so on-the-go!  I brought all these books and magazines and have read maybe a few minutes before bed TWO nights.  That’s it!  Today, we are taking it easy with a late breakfast and some Curious George.  Is it weird that he kind of makes me want a pet monkey?

We’ve still got 4 days of our vacation left!  🙂  I know they’ll fly by!  Since it’s July 2nd, I decided to do up some goals for July.  Here are my June goals…


We did many mom and kid play dates in June.  CHECK!

I finished American Wife and also read Spring Chicken.

I’ve still been slacking on the yoga.  😦

I’m doing to Proverbs Bible study, but I’ve missed the past three days (M-W) due to vacation craziness.  Going to try to get back on track during H’s nap today!

We do have a lose schedule for our summer days.  Obviously, that schedule has not been followed too much recently.  😉


1)  Read MORE!


Amazon Link Here


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2)  Yoga, good grief!  Will I ever make this goal?!?!?!?  Goal is 3x each week in July!



3)  Pictures!  I really want to organize all, print some, and save all the good ones to our external hard drive.  It is overwhelming to think about!

4)  More beach days!  🙂

5)  See a baseball game

6)  Make popsicles again

What are your goals/plans for July?

Any fun plans for the 4th?

Have a great day!