Mantra Monday

Mantra – Statement or slogan repeated frequently

Just a few thoughts…

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All images from Pinterest

We had a busy weekend with a birthday party, new mattress buying, and a beach day with Granny.  Unfortunately, my car decided to be sick and went into the shop today.  It’s going to be okay…several hundred dollars later.  😦  The good news is I could borrow the Mr.’s truck and still get in a playdate with H’s friend (aka mommy talk time), AND I do have the money to pay for the fix.  Yay (mostly)!

Here are a few randoms from the last few days.  Happy Monday!


Beets and Brussels – reminding me of Christmas colors!

IMG_2773 IMG_2770

On a salty snack kick – BIG TIME!


Turkey meatballs with homemade sauce thanks to all the tomatoes we’ve been gifted  🙂


Is it weird that I wish I could climb the equipment at the park?


Flashback to Fall 2009!  What babes we were!  Roscoe P. has a little less white hair but remains just as handsome and sweet.

Do you have any favorite slogans?

What are you up to in these “dog days” of summer?