Mountain Trip 2017

Whew!  We had a quite a fun-filled trip to the mountains of Virginia.  We have several family members who are in the Staunton area, so a long summer trip has been on my agenda for some time.  The kids and I were able to go a few days before the Mr.  We enjoyed staying with “Granny” and spending lots of time with Auntie Brookie plus other family favorites.  ❤

Our first excursion took us to the Explore More Discovery Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  I thought this was fun and very appealing especially to younger kids.  Both kids had a ball, but I think some of the stuff was a tad babyish for Holden.


Our group had a delicious lunch at Bella Luna Wood-Fired Pizza.  Everything was delicious, and the service was great!  Holden and Helen also took their first pony ride that afternoon.  Both kids loved it!


Our second day of exploring led us to Chiles Orchard.  Peach picking was very easy there.  Although I wish there had been a little more explanation about how to pick the best ones.  My head picker selected a few duds.  This was very fun though.  The peaches were great in a fruit crisp.


I was so glad that Auntie Brookie decided to take off a few days from work and hang with us.  We had play time and a picnic at Mint Spring after our picking was complete.  This place was just in a beautiful setting.  I do love an ocean view, but these mountains were so lovely too.


This is when Daddy joined us.  We were very happy to see him at our meet-up location, Monticello!


I have to confess that we were a mess on this tour.  Little Miss is in the process of *trying* to drop her AM nap meaning we will be down to just a PM nap.  HOWEVER, she was particularly tired and very vocal about it during the house tour.  Perhaps this is why this wasn’t my most favorite historical stop.

We had lunch at Michie Tavern afterwards.  I have mixed feelings about it as it isn’t necessarily my favorite type of food, but I can’t say it wasn’t good food either.  I don’t think Holden was too taken away by the historic setting or the period clothing of the servers.  He would have been just as happy somewhere else!  But…there was an Armory & Artifacts Shop very nearby that he loved.  We’re talking old money, cannonballs, weapons, etc.  This was definitely a favorite of his!

I have no pictures of the boys’ trip to the county fair for a night event, but you can imagine I guess.  Demolition derby.  Need I say more???  Holden loved this!

Although I believe everyone was feeling the car woes (particularly Helen!  Girl hates the car 100%), we continued on with our last big excursion to Sherando Lake.  I’m so glad we did!  We did the short hike around the lake (lower one) and loved the views and easy terrain for little feet.


There was little island in the lake that the Mr. and I swam to.  Gosh, I forget how even though you can be physically fit in one way you can be completely out-of-shape in another!  We were huffing and puffing on that little five minute or so swim!

We all summoned up our last bit of energy to see the sights at the county fair.  We saw tractors, all sorts of animals, and rides there!  Holden rode the Ferris wheel for the first time.


He’s getting too big!

Our final day was spent in and around Staunton, Virginia.  We went to the local farmers’ market, played at the park, visited with family, and enjoyed yummy “zoodles” for the first time!  It was a very full and very fun week!  So thankful to have this time to spend with our loved ones!  We made lots of special memories and look forward to our next trip.




5 for Friday

Wow!  The week after spring break felt like a weird combination of fast and slow!  Nevertheless, Friday is here!  Woo hop!  Here are five things on my mind this lovely day…


Wedding time!  The Mr. and I are attending a wedding this weekend in Roanoke, VA.  We are excited to see many of the Mr.’s fraternity brothers at the wedding, but we are mostly excited just to have a night to ourselves.  I think I’ve been personally counting down to this weekend for at least a month or two.  We don’t have anything like an official “date night” which I feel must be mostly an urban legend.  I always look up venues before the actual wedding, and I’m totally excited to see this one.  Photos from Schaal’s Catering & Events


Not sure if the venue will look exactly like this, but isn’t it beautiful!?!?!


New dress!  After much hemming and hawing, I finally got a new dress.  After shopping at a pricey store here in Town Center VB, I decided to do some perusing at the trifecta of deals, the Marshalls-Ross-TJMaxx.  Sure enough, I found a dress I liked in my size and the color I wanted at Marshalls for fifty bucks!  This was so much better than the one I was tempted to buy at the more pricey store.  


Cute, huh?  I’m going to pair mine with some nude open-toe sling backs.  


My top 5 favorite on the road snacks!  

  1. water bottle filled!
  2. red grapes
  3. apple with almond butter
  4. fruit bar
  5. gum



Love this video showing a girl who does pushups for 100 days to challenge herself to become stronger…love the progress this video shows!

Click here.  


I signed up for a Mud Run that is a week and a day away.  I immediately have buyer’s remorse after I pay for/register for an event.  Like, I should have spent the money on something else for instance this week I’m thinking about socks for me, Roscoe P’s upcoming vet visit, and Holden’s need of a new spring/summer wardrobe.  However, what’s done is done.  It always good to challenge yourself *myself* and work towards a goal.  I have a love-hate relationship with running.  Hate:  the first five to ten minuets always!, how red and sweaty it makes me (there’s no recovering without a full shower)  Love:  how much energy and confidence in general it gives me, the best mood changer, the feeling like I got a real workout in, health benefits, an extremely low heart rate (seriously, I’m barely alive according to my heart rate and that tickles me to no end, so weird).  Here’s a nice summary of the health benefits!


What are you up to this Friday?  

Any favorite road trips snacks that are healthy options?